Work Process

Precision Down to the Core

Do an extensive research to understand which strategies and technologies to use to perfectly craft the new website based on their marketing and advertising goals.

Analyze current site's challenges and goals. Discover the existing site build and list out how we can improve it.

Using the references and assets the client provided, we render the design language and apply it on the pages which would then be uploaded to Invisionapp for rapid prototyping.

Convert the approved designs using WordPress. This includes responsive design and extensive testing on all browsers, screen sizes, and devices.

Optimize the site speed and performance. We also reapply and optimize SEO tags to mitigate SEO loss after migration.

Maintain the site and have ongoing improvements for better usability.



The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

Color Palette

  • #f33784
  • #231f20

Positively and Actively in Motion


As a central location for art and high society, the website has to come off looking savvy, privileged yet fun, open and welcoming enough. With the target market being primarily composed of artists or designers, the graphic requirement is quite high to fully embody the visions it should.


Casa Wynwood is all about creative chaos. To match it up, vibrant and explosive graphics design style was used. Functionalities were kept simple and smooth. The content is strategized and copywritten well.

The Results

Concocted with the precise balance of content and engaging graphics, Casa Wynwood came to be. As unique as the brand could be, so does the design language that embodies it.

Responsive Layout

Accommodating and Impressionable

Casa Wynwood is all about coming together of various people from different fields for art. With the idea it represents, so does the need to entertain the technical requirements to achieve this.


It’s All About the Brand

Informative without being a wall of text. Chummy yet professional brand tone of voice. With consistent copywritten contents, this is Casa Wynwood speaking to you from start to finish.

Gridded Layout

Varied and Striking

What’s a creative brand worth if the viewers are presented with constant and too uniformed contents. Not that abiding by the rules is bad when it comes to design, Casa Wynwood takes the leap to bring ideas out of the confining box. Layout? We diversify.

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